Statement Rings: Custom Made Fine Luxury Rings for Your Selection

Statement Rings: Custom Made Fine Luxury Rings for Your Selection

Experience the enviable vibrancy of unusual gemstones and imaginative mountings with our collection of curated, custom made statement rings. Take a chance on the extraordinary with bespoke statement rings filled with mesmerizing shapes, sparkle, and rich, luscious shine reimagined into wearable artistry for you to enjoy.  

Statement Cocktail Rings in Pure Color

Cocktail rings are a classic must-have, presenting a unique interplay of center stones, diamonds, clusters, solitaires, and alluring designs. These hand-selected, fine-quality colored stones arranged in decadent settings allow their extraordinary hues to spring forth, providing the perfect coupling of diamonds and side stones for cluster halo looks. Fine metals, including different colors and gold karat, bring these statement rings to life in pure color, drawing the eye time and time again.

Semi-Precious & Precious Gemstones

Do you have a favorite color you simply adore? Express yourself with a semi-precious or precious gemstone that exhibits your special color du jour.

 Amethysts are for the enchanted; purple is the color of royalty, making an amethyst cocktail ring your preferred statement. Daring? Choose green amethyst for a keepsake memory.

Sapphires, topaz, quartz, beryl (emerald, morganite, and aquamarine), and tourmalines come in a variety of colors, glamorous and oh-so-popular. For example, select to invest in a precious blue or pink sapphire cocktail ring framed by diamonds for an elegant fusion of sparkle and inviting shades.

Rubies are synonymous with sophistication. A ruby cocktail ring will always get noticed, enticing with a distinctive red.

 Rugged turquoise mingling with fine metals creates a blend of refinement plus rustic ambiance.

 Get gorgeous in green! Peridot and tsavorites highlight your finger reminiscent of dreamy gardens and ethereal forests with fresh green hues.

 Showcase your confident personality with alexandrite sapphire for a remarkable color-change effect.

Celebrate in Color

Commemorate your next momentous occasion with striking color with a statement ring, perfect for adding an uplifting detail to the summer season and beyond. Select from statement cocktail rings featuring notes of timeless wearability and one-of-a-kind inspiration.

 Choose to celebrate your next anniversary, holiday, engagement, or birthday with a show-stopping cocktail ring, exclusive and prestigious, perfect for your busy lifestyle.

 Shop our full online catalog for the most current statement ring collections featuring classic and modern styles. 

 Questions or design concepts? Contact us today for your idea and allow us to bring it to fruition.

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