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Emerald Treatment: Understanding Oil Enhancement and Its Impact on Gemstone Value

Emeralds are a precious gemstone that have been highly valued for thousands of years. However, not all emeralds are equal in terms of their quality and value. One factor that can impact the value of an emerald is oil enhancement.

Oil enhancement is a treatment process used to improve the appearance of emeralds. It involves filling fractures or cavities within the gemstone with a colorless oil or resin. This process can improve the clarity and color of the emerald, making it more visually appealing.

While oil enhancement can improve the appearance of an emerald, it also has an impact on its value. Emeralds that have been treated with oil are generally less valuable than untreated or "natural" emeralds. This is because the treatment alters the gemstone and can make it less rare.

In the gemstone industry, there are different levels of oil enhancement that are recognized. Some emeralds may have been lightly oiled, while others may have been heavily oiled. The level of oil enhancement can impact the value of the gemstone, with lightly oiled emeralds generally being more valuable than heavily oiled ones.

It is important for buyers and sellers of emeralds to understand the impact of oil enhancement on the value of the gemstone. Buyers should be aware that an emerald that has been treated with oil is generally worth less than a natural emerald, and should take this into consideration when making a purchase. Sellers should be transparent about the treatment history of the gemstone and disclose any oil enhancement to potential buyers.

In conclusion, oil enhancement is a treatment process used to improve the appearance of emeralds, but it also has an impact on the value of the gemstone. Buyers and sellers should be aware of the treatment history of an emerald and understand how it impacts its value in the market.

GRS Certificate For Emeralds

GRS stands for GemResearch SwissLab, which is a well-respected gemological laboratory based in Switzerland. GRS is known for its expertise in colored gemstones and is particularly well-known for its research and analysis of emeralds.

When it comes to emerald treatments, GRS uses a grading system to describe the level of enhancement that a particular stone has undergone. The GRS grading system for emerald treatment is as follows:

Grade A: No treatment
Grade B: Minor traditional oiling
Grade C: Moderate traditional oiling
Grade D: Heavy traditional oiling
Grade E: Resin infusion
Grade F: Polymer impregnation

The higher the grade, the more extensive the treatment, and the less valuable the stone is likely to be. However, it is important to note that even stones that have undergone heavy treatment can still be beautiful and valuable, as long as the treatment is disclosed and the stone is priced accordingly. It is always important to purchase gemstones from a reputable dealer who can provide information on any treatments or enhancements that have been used on the stone.

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