Luxury Jewelry - What's important to know before buying luxury jewelry online

Luxury Jewelry - What's important to know before buying luxury jewelry online

Purchasing luxury jewelry is a serious matter, one that requires a lot of research and consideration. It can't be a momentary whim, and it is essential that you feel comfortable with the process. after all, this is a joyful occasion!

The design and sparkle are significant, of course, but also the quality of the gemstones, reliable gemological certificate, professional team, and attentive service from the first second.

So how do you choose the right luxury jewelry?

The secret is in combining quality gems & diamonds with talented professionals and high-standard recognition. It sounds very theoretical, we know, so let's talk about Us as an example. Here is what happens in Lilo's luxury jewelry from the moment you place your order to the moment your chosen jewelry arrives.

"Your pieces are stunning. In addition to the stones, my appraiser commented specifically on the high quality of the gold workmanship" Jolene, USA

Making the decision

Did you see something on our website that you liked? Great, you can order one exactly like that direct, or ask us for something similar that is more accurate to your taste. It can be a slight change in design or a different type and color of the gems. It's called Custom Made jewelry, and this is how you do it.  

Making your jewelry

After choosing the jewelry, Michal and Juliet start working on it. They send your request to our 3D designer, who creates a file of an initial drawing in 3D simulation. After a round of repairs and final approval, the file is forwarded For the casting of the jewel body, made of gold. 

it's better to cast it in several parts, for example, the circle of the finger ring and the base on which the main gemstone will be set. Why? That way it's easier to reach every part of the jewel to clean the gold and improve the quality, so it can be genuine luxury jewelry.

When the clean foundry arrives at the studio, our jeweler smooth, clean, and assemble the parts into one piece.

From the studio, the clean jewel is transferred to Guy for the inlay, and he gently places the gemstones he got from Michal in the foundry.

Michal is a gemologist with a seniority of 35 Years in The Israel Diamond Exchange. She matches each piece of jewelry with the highest quality gemstones and diamonds Suitable for it, according to the parameters known as the 4C's: Carat (weight), Clarity (cleanliness), Color (color) and Cut (polishing and cutting). The quality of the stones will determine the final price of the jewel. Here you can read more about the 4C's and their relevance to luxury jewelry. 

After inlaying the stones, Guy returns the jewel to the studio for the finishing stage. This stage includes a little more sanding and coating with rhodium liquid to fix the tone and shine of the white gold.

Making your fantasy come true

The complete piece of jewelry is sent to a laboratory qualified by the Israel Diamond Exchange for a gemological certificate.

Good news, your jewel, and its certificate are ready to go to its destination! All that is left is fancy packaging and fast delivery on the way to spread some bling-bling and joy.

It is customary at our stock exchange to seal a deal with the saying: Mazal VeBracha. We invite you to check out our luxury jewelry collection