Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry - A Gem For Every Occasion

Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry - A Gem For Every Occasion

We all know that anniversaries are a special cause for celebration. Naturally, there’s a lot to celebrate. Relationships need a lot of work, devotion, commitment, and of course - love. What can be a better way to show love than treating your loved one with a precious gemstone? Nothing can beat that.

Did you know that every occasion has its own unique gemstone that suits it the most? We’re here to help you and make things easier for you, so here it is, the ultimate list of the right gemstone to the big occasion.

5th Anniversary - Sapphire

Get that deep blue (or many other sapphire colors) to your beloved one. Sapphire is hard and durable, so you can make it work for any piece of jewelry.

10th Anniversary - Diamond Jewelry

We can agree that ten years of marriage is a respectful milestone, and as such, it requires a respectful gesture. So get that diamond jewelry, you’ve earned it!

15th Anniversary - Ruby

This deep red, like a beating heart full of love. What an unforgettable way to celebrate 15 years of marriage, knowing that the best is yet to come - in the shape of ruby jewelry, of course!

20th Anniversary - Emerald

When you’re celebrating 20 years of marriage, you know you’ve entered an elite club. That is a perfect cause for celebration! Emerald, with the ever-calming and comforting green, suits any type of jewelry.

25th Anniversary - Silver Jubilee  

The Silver Wedding can only go with a silver piece. So, go wild, there are limitless options!

30th Anniversary - Pearl Jubilee

There's so much we can say about pearls, but we'll keep it short and to the point. In one word - treasure. Treasure your 30 years of marriage with a classic and elegant pearl piece.

40th Anniversary - Ruby

That mesmerizing red is back. Express your love with this gorgeous stone. 40 years together is another great opportunity to give extra meaning to the essence of love.

50th Anniversary - Golden Jubilee

25 years ago, you celebrated your silver wedding with a silver piece. Now, it’s the gold wedding, so it’s only natural to celebrate it with golden jewelry. And perhaps a golden piece with a gemstone as the cherry on the top is the best way to go?